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Update for IS Club--yeah, it's redundant, but deal

Updates!!!! Double whoot!

1. MANY thanks to Lauren Combs for making a spiffy new sign-in log for our ushering dates. It looks AMAZING. Kudos to Holler for doing the first one; it just wasn't expanded enough for our growing needs. Thanks! Thanks!

2. Marcus, Patteeee, Matt, Lauren--I will be driving to Kissimmee on Monday October 25 to meet with Mrs. Haas about the fundraising thing we talked about. I need at least two of you to go with me. I plan to meet with her by 4:15 then come straight back to school, so we can leave right after seventh and still make it. And I need photocopies of all of your paperwork by that date.

3. IS will be in the yearbook! Listen carefully for announcements, drag a friend with you, and be One of Us!

More later. See ya!
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