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This is Ms. Hilley from BHS; I wanted to construct a community through which we could update for Information Society, its officers, its members, and any wannabes.

IS is a club in which everyone is (technically) an officer, as long as you make up a cool title.  There are no membership dues, although donations of snack food are greatly appreciated. 

Our mission features many dimensions, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • provide an outlet for the intellectually curious
  • offer community service opportunities through such organizations as The Orlando Shakespeare Festival (ushering) and Make-A-Wish (toiling)
  • plan overseas adventures with Art Events Orlando:  five spots still open for Paris this Christmas!

This club was started by The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who (sadly) graduated in '04:  Steven Chitty, James Ellis, Seth Sheldon, and Kyle Weber.  We would not have functioned without the Minister of Propaganda, Emily Smith.

Current officers:

  • Phillip "Afro" Spence
  • Holly "Where Am I?" Bolinger
  • Christie "Stuck in T-8 Four Periods A Day" Uselton
  • uh. . .I'm missing someone very, very important.  HELP.

If you'd like to moderate this community, e-mail me.

Our meetings are alternate Mondays, or when I remember to have one.  :-)

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