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This is Ms. Hilley from BHS; I wanted to construct a community through which we could update for Information Society, its officers, its members, and any wannabes.

IS is a club in which everyone is (technically) an officer, as long as you make up a cool title.  There are no membership dues, although donations of snack food are greatly appreciated. 

Our mission features many dimensions, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • provide an outlet for the intellectually curious
  • offer community service opportunities through such organizations as The Orlando Shakespeare Festival (ushering) and Make-A-Wish (toiling)
  • plan overseas adventures with Art Events Orlando:  five spots still open for Paris this Christmas!

This club was started by The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who (sadly) graduated in '04:  Steven Chitty, James Ellis, Seth Sheldon, and Kyle Weber.  We would not have functioned without the Minister of Propaganda, Emily Smith.

Current officers:

  • Phillip "Afro" Spence
  • Holly "Where Am I?" Bolinger
  • Christie "Stuck in T-8 Four Periods A Day" Uselton
  • uh. . .I'm missing someone very, very important.  HELP.

If you'd like to moderate this community, e-mail me.

Our meetings are alternate Mondays, or when I remember to have one.  :-)

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psst your forgot the jedi master bouncer lauren and she would be overjoyed to be an ociffer (only if u deem her worthy of course) lol thanks and this is a great idea just wanted to tell u :)
and then next year you could be Empress Amidala. . .
You spelled information wrong in the community's name.
This is what happens when one types with one finger while watching kids take the SAT with one's other nine fingers.


Hope all is well.
you know you can fix that right?
How in the world do you post in a community?
post like a normal post, but down at the bottom w/the information stuff it'll say "post to" click the button and if you're in the community and the community lets you it'll just put the post there
Awesome, thank you much