miss_bronte (miss_bronte) wrote in isclubgroup,

Hey, ya'll

This is Hilley speaking.  We are having an IS meeting after school Friday, to discuss, among other things:

  • Ushering this weekend for "Miss Nelson is Missing"
  • Planning ahead for the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Meet Me at the Movies With Ms. Hilley and Ms. Miles
  • General mayhem and disorder

I just felt like updating.  That's all.  Autumn=Groovy=Love.


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Only the IS could meet for disorder.
YES HP4 movie!!!! i'll help coordinate of course :)
Oh, dude. You are SOOO in charge!

Feel better, little Lauren. I love the magenta hair.
lol thank u it will soon be ebony black *thank gosh*
Since both you and Little Lauren are in a crochety mood and I need to teach, would Friday be a good day for an Extreme Crochet meeting?
Autumn = love x 100000000000000000000000

And I am so happy we're having an IS meeting Friday. Although...I might have to cancel for Saturday, but I AM coming for Sunday.
yay for groovyautumnlove!