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presidante update

ok hey this is lauren combs, presidante. i have some MAJOR (well slighty interesting) announcements:

-spiffed up the journal and i am a maintainer so there will more and more frequent updates as more information filters in. (put picture of westminster abbey up for those ESW goers and for veterans of my sophomore London trip)
-next IS meeting is this friday (most people should come there isnt anything goin on that day)
-ushing plays are in and i chose the dates, alternated between all days of the week (but MANY available dates on wednesdays and weekends for band people like myself) so ushing will soon commence in September. (i think later in the month)
-some ushering titles include Twelfth Night, Julius Caeser, Jungle Book and Every Christmas Story Ever Told. :)
-if you have NOT signed a form sign one this friday
-if u have ANY interesting in ushing the dates will be confirmed and the sign up sheets written soon.
-if you are going to ESW ask hilley for meetings date and what not i'm not well informed on such things

ok i think thats all for the first update. recruit some LJ members u know are involved in the club!! thanks loves
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